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Faculty Trip to WonderLa 14th January 2020

The Faculty trip to Wonderla was organized by the management of NHEI and was coordinated by the faculty members of NHCM on 14th January 2020. The faculties were assembled at the college premise at early morning 7:00 am and boarded the college buses at 7:30 am and headed towards the WonderLa amusement park.

It was a two hours journey of 30 kms and the faculties were in mood of enjoyment on the way and were excited at the day’s exciting game events. The destination was reached at 9:30 am. At 10 am, the faculties were granted permission to enter WonderLa and were provided breakfast at Chillies restaurant located inside the amusement park. Each faculty were instructed to play safe with the appropriate clothes. The students were involved in playing thoroughly and attempted to try out the various games. The faculties rode on various rides like ‘Columbus’, ’Bampa’, ‘Flying saucer’, ‘Giant wheel’, ‘Roller coaster’ etc and appeared excited after experiencing each ride. They squealed with delight and displayed immense courage by part taking in all these rides including water rides such ‘Drop loop’, ’Wave pool‘, etc.

At 12:30, lunch was also organized and provided by the management to the faculties. The fun and excitement came to an end at 4:30 pm when it was time for the faculty members to have high tea with snacks and to start journey back to college at 5:00 p.m. The faculties boarded the respective buses allotted and carried with them treasures of the beautiful memories for a long road ahead. Faculty bus reached college around 7:30 pm.

Thus, the Faculty trip provided the great refreshment and enthusiasm with the playing experience with the outside world. It emphasizes the faculties’ team work with the actual realization of cooperativeness and enabled the faculty members to relive their childhood and to walk down memory lane.