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ICT Enabled Classrooms

The institution provides well-lit and well ventilated class rooms. There are 22 well-furnished lecture rooms, 1 business laboratory, 1 electronics laboratory, 3 language rooms/tutorial rooms.All the classrooms are installed with projectors, CCTV cameras and teaching aids like plug-and-play projectors. The use of ICT tools such as laptop, data projector, and speaker enhances and optimises the delivery of information. ICT-enabled classrooms make the learning and teaching process interesting, creative and more inclusive. Owing to the use of ICT tools, classroom learning is not just restricted to textbooks, chalk and blackboard but also, relevant videos, documentary, movies, presentation, online study materials which become an integral part of the daily learning process.



A 700 Seater Auditorium built to emulate international standards serves as a platform for hosting Ted Talks, Symposiums, National and International level Conferences and inter/intra collegiate cultural performances. Various plays, cultural events and competitions are organised in the auditorium. It is well equipped with Air conditioners, high quality sound systems, bright lightings and digital backdrop.

Seminar Hall

A 200-seater centralized air-conditioned seminar hall is provided with comfortable seating arrangements, good audio systems, and facility for digital presentation and provision for screening movies. The hall is fitted with loudspeakers that are designed for high-quality foreground music, sophisticated systems with fully equipped stage tailored for programmes, presentations, guest lectures, seminars, workshops and more. We have microphones, wireless systems, speakers, amplifiers, portable sound systems, and accessories designed for effective acoustics.


AV Room

Audio Visual Room allows for a simultaneous two way video and audio transmission. This room is also used as an online class room. It has recording facilities which enable recording of guest lectures for the benefit of the students.


  • 61 Seating capacity
  • Sony Handy cam ( Video Interactions & E – Learning)
  • Audio Amplifier ( For Sound System)
  • Mic with Receiver
  • Wooden Podium
  • Projector


  • Online Lecturing ( Record & share)
  • A View: Class room Facility
  • MOOCS: (Massive Online Courses)
  • To listen & view library or curriculum
  • NPTEL Classroom
  • Online MOC interviews
  • Staff Trainings
  • Meetings
  • Group online Discussions


Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls on the college campus. The living spaces are structured to inspire harmony. The Management has spared no pains in making the surroundings fresh and green. Such a conducive environment is ideal for the germination of productive thoughts and ideas. The hostel serves as a home away from home for these students. The idea of the dormitories, unlike other institutions, is an area meant for the students to study, relax and socialize. Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited and attracts severe punishments.

Hostels 650X350

The hostels have power-backup to ensure 24×7 power supply to the students. The students have also access to Wi-Fi throughout the campus. Laundry machines are installed in the hostels which the students can use at their disposal. Solar panels ensure supply of hot water to the hostels. The hostellers have access to the gyms,all the indoor and outdoor games. The college also provides a recreational room for the hostellers which they can use at their leisure time. The hostel rooms are well maintained and cleaned daily. The colourful and lively dining hall provides healthy and delicious food to the hostellers.

Divyangjan 650X350


New Horizon College ensures a friendly environment for differently-abled students by providing the necessary infrastructure. The main entrances and exits are clearly identifiable and easily accessible with steps fitted with hand railings

Parking for people with disabilities is available inside the campus. Visual signals indicating the arrival at different floors is available in the lifts. Stairs are easily accessible and identifiable. The stairs are wide enough and the landings have enough space at the top and bottom of the stairs. Handrails are provided for staircases. Special toilets are available for people with disabilities. Differently-abled students are provided with classrooms on the ground floor. the administrative head handles any issues pertaining to the differently-abled.


The college has a dedicated maintenance department responsible for overseeing the maintenance of buildings, class rooms, laboratories, hostels, cafeterias, sports facilities, utilities, STP /ETP, lawns etc. A maintenance committee is constituted who monitors the maintenance and upkeep of the physical infrastructure, facilities, green areas, etc.

The department has qualified and skilled manpower for civil work, electric work, plumbing, carpentry work, horticulture etc. The security and vigilance of the campus is maintained by a team of security guards comprising of a Chief Security Officer, 6 security officers and 48 security guards. The point of contact for all maintenance related issues is the administrator of the college. The complaints are brought to his notice on various maintenance issues relating to carpentry, plumbing, electrical, civil and housekeeping.

Maintenance 650X380

The college has a maintenance committee that oversees the maintenance of buildings, classrooms and laboratories. The administrator lodges a complaint through an e-mail to maintenance department of the institution. The concerned person from the department who is in charge sends the required staff to resolve the issue in stipulated time. The institution has in-house full time employed carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters. The maintenance department is headed by the administrator and the supervisor at the next level. The administrator functions as the coordinator who efficiently organizes the workforce through various departments. Adequate in – house staff is employed to meticulously maintain hygiene, cleanliness and infrastructure on the campus so as to provide a congenial learning environment. Classrooms, staffrooms, seminar halls, library and laboratories etc. are cleaned and maintained regularly by house-keeping staff assigned for each floor and department respectively.

Maintenance of infrastructure facilities, services and equipment’s is done as per following details:

The infrastructure facilities such as class-rooms, buildings, hostels, green areas, STP/ETP, etc. are maintained by the maintenance department.
The college has power management department to ensure uninterrupted power supply and maintenance of electrical assets.
General Lighting, Power Distribution System, Solar Panels etc. are undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules, guidelines by the equipment supplier.

The maintenance of equipment for water pumping plants, sewage, etc. are undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules, guidelines by the equipment supplier.


Falconry Seminar Hall

A 168 Seater Seminar hall serves as a platform for guest lectures, seminars, pre placement talks. It is centrally air conditioned and fully furnished with state of the art facilities.

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The College Cafeteria spread across various locations in the college offering varieties of North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine. They are spacious, clean and hygienic.

Internet 650X350


Wi-Fi infrastructure with in the campus is available for students and teachers. This facility can be used for quick reference and knowledge enhancement.


The institution boasts of a well maintained fleet of buses plying across the city.Considering the number of students opting for the transport facility, the college has chalked out routes spanning across the corners of the city. Faculty and non-teaching staffs have the benefit of freely availing the services of the buses as per their convenience.

transport nhcm 225x300 1
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The institution has a well equipped computer lab with enough computers at students’ disposal, offering practical sessions for students studying computer related subjects either as a core subject or value added.Computer facilities are made available to the students for at least 8 hours a day and Wi-Fi facility is provided for better internet accessibility. Lab assistants under the supervision of the system administrator maintain the efficiency of the college computers and accessories. Students are advised to use the lab only for academic requirements and should refrain from downloading objectionable materials from the internet For any hardware problem, the students must seek help from the Lab-In-charge. Students should maintain absolute silence and decorum in the lab. Hacking (attempting to gain unauthorized access to secured content, violation of system policies, virus creation or propagation, etc.) is prohibited. Violation of Lab rules will necessitate serious disciplinary action.


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The campus features a well equipped gym, hostels and various indoor activities like table tennis, carrom, chess etc.The campus has a huge play ground to play Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Kabaddi and Basketball. The campus also hosts a state-of-the-art Indoor Stadium with basketball, volleyball and badminton courts.

Outdoor Gymnasium

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” Student needs to be physically fit to stay motivated . In order to fulfill their fitness pledge,  institution boasts the best of fitness facilities “.

Indoor Arena

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Student needs a healthy mind to excel in Academics,  we ensure that our students stay fit irrespective of external weather conditions to reap the greatest benefits of indoor sports facilities.

Outdoor Sporting Facilities

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outdoor 2 300x225 1
outdoor 3 300x225 1
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Athleticism teaches us  to cure that needed to be endured ,  that endurance is naturally inherited in outdoor sporting  activities

Electrical Substation

electrical substation 225x300 1

Fire Extinguisher

fireextinguisher 1 300x225 1
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Parking 650X350


The college campus has adequate facilities to park two and four-wheeler vehicles. The college has enough parking space for both the students and staffs. Although students are encouraged to carpool and use bicycles,the parked vehicles are provided shelter and safety in the college.

Bank 650X350


The College is provided with an exclusive Bank and ATM facility which facilitates the staff, students and Management in all banking transactions.

Language Lab

Good skills in communication and vocabulary are an integral part of any profession. It is required of any learner to have a good command of the language for communication purposes, with clarity and accuracy being vital for effective and efficient communication. The language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process. As the current curriculum does not accommodate lab work for arts subjects, a laboratory for learning has become inevitable in today’s scenario to gain proficiency in a language and enrich the process of learning.

Scientific advancements have produced a number of innovative products to assist the learning process. Innovative products such as digital multimedia control, wireless headsets and microphones, the interactive response pad, etc. are very useful for students learning languages for communication. These interactive tools are designed to enhance not only language teaching but also class room grading and distance learning.

Language Lab 650X450

The language laboratory is very useful for assessing students’ speech. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices used in the laboratory will stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. The laboratory’s collection is designed to assist learners in the acquisition and maintenance of aural comprehension, oral and written proficiency, and cultural awareness. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, television programmes, web-assisted materials and videotaped off-air recordings in the target language any language learning process for communication.

Software has been installed in our computer lab which can aid students in improving their pronunciation, diction and able to make them better communicators. This is ideal for improving their professional career. The software has various levels of grammar, vocabulary and crossword puzzles which will help improve the proficiency of students. There are also bilingual quizzes which will help students master new languages. There are also games and activities which can aid teachers in the smooth conduct of classes. Students can also benefit from the numerous audio files that are available on English speaking basics to idioms and grammar. There are also options where students can learn interview skills and hone their language abilities.