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Face painting

Name of the event: Face painting
Club: Kalamunch – Creativity Club
Venue: Quadrangle
Coordinators: Gollaleshwara N Pattar
Sub-Coordinator: Elisha Naik
Participants: 12

1st Place: Latha Priya & Danny (BBA B)
2nd Place: Vishnu & Suhas (BCOM C)
3rd Place: Pragathi & Nithyashree (BCOM B), Tanush&Shabari (BCOM C)

Event Description: Face Painting is an art event were the participants have to paint a super villain on their partner’s face. This event tries to bring out the creativity and thought process of the participants. The artist has to paint a super villain of his own creation or take inspiration from existing characters. The participants were given 60 minutes. The participants were judged on the basis of their creative ideas and
presentation and on their explanation of their painting.

Name of the event: Dexter (painting)
Club: Kalamunch – Creativity Club
Date and time: 14th August 2018; 12:30 pm to 1:30pm
Venue: Quadrangle
Coordinators: Kavya
Sub-Coordinator: Gollaleshwara N Pattar
Participants: 16

1st Place: Bhavya S (BBA A)
2nd Place: Sonia Bakle (BBA A)
3rd Place: LathaPriya (BBA B)

Event Description: Dexter is an art event in which the participants draw,sketch,colour and paint. This event tests the creativity and the presentation skills of the participants. The participants drew super villains using their own creativity within 60.