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Dress to Impress

Name of the event : Dress to Impress
Name of the club : Fashion club
Date andTime : 24/02/2020; 2:30 pm
Venue : Quadrangle ,Shaheed hemu kalani Block
Event Head : Bharathi
Student Coordinator : Jyotsna Gera


• 1st place: Monisha M Noor – VI BCOM P&G
•2nd place: Chetan – IV BBA A
• 3rd place: Shreya Katiyar – IV BBA C

Event Description:
DATE TODAY: A very dramatic idea to showcase the outfits that one could carry on their date. This event consisted of two rounds. In the first round, the model walked the ramp and showcased their modeling skills. The second round focused on the designer explaining the attire to the judges and answering an array of questions that were posted to them. Clothes don’t change the world but the people who wear them do. When a person dresses well, it adds confidence to their attitude and their persona. The ramp was set to add up the confidence to each person’s attitude and with a huge round of applause we brought an end to the wonderful session that delivered multiple talents our contestants. There were 26 teams (52 participants). The event was judged by Mr. Devranjan and Ms. Apoorva A.