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Donation of blankets, on 03-02-2019

Club name: Neozonites Locus
Event report: Donation of Blankets to Sai Ashraydham.

The College began its semester by organizing a blanket donation drive on Sunday, the third of February. The donation drive was organized by Neozonites Locus. The students were thrilled to donate blankets to Sai Ashraydham, an institution started twenty years ago and successfully run by Mr. Sharma. The children who are in this orphanage are in the age group of 6-16 years and are given compulsory education till the 10th grade. Sai Ashraydham caters to the needs of not just these children but also their under privileged patients who are here for treatments from outside the state. The students were greeted by about twenty-six excited childrenandspent some quality time with them. They were able to spread some joy and laughter by donating ten blankets to them.