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DHWAN-E 2020 Round 1 Qualifiers

Student Activity Centre would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your participation in our DHWAN_E 2020 competition. Congratulations to all Round 1 qualifier !!!

List of Round 1 qualified participants

Sl. No.Name of the participantRegister NumberClass & Section
1Vamshi G20BBA195I BBA D
2EtishaChomal20BBA042I BBA A
3Purushotham s punith20BCOM125I B.Com B
4Sagar s20BCOM145I B.Com C
5Vaishnavi Nair20BCOM182I B.Com C
6Disha R20BBA039I BBA A
7Nidhi singh20bba157I BBA C
8Elvis Elias Lobo20BCA044I BCA A
9Amish Dahiwase20BBA014I BBA A
10D. Priyanka20BBA150I BBA A


Second Round Schedule –
Date : 4-1-2021, Monday
Time : 12:00 PM
Platform : Zoom

Join WhatsApp group with the link given below to get updates on event
WhatsApp Group Link
Note : Zoom meeting details will be sent on the day of competition

Faculty Co-ordinator:
Ms. Apoorva A
Mr. Ayush Gupta

Student Co-ordinator:
Ms. Jyotsna
Ms. Aishwarya Mjith