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Death storm troopers (Mime /Mono-acting)

Name of the event: Death storm troopers (Mime /Mono-acting)
Club: Navarasa (Drama club)
Date and time: 16th of August 2018, 12:30pm to 2:30
Venue: Chanakya seminar hall
Coordinators: Lithin Thankchan
Sub-Coordinator: Sadia Vali
Participants: 7 groups and 11 Mono-acting

Judges: Asha and Amudha

Winners for mono-acting:
1st Place: Manjunath BCA B
2nd Place: Chandrakanth BCA A
3rd Place: Prashanth BBA A

Winners for mime:
1st Place: Ranju and team I BBA C
2nd Place: Geethika and team I BCA B
3rd Place: Shalani and team I BCOM C

Event Description: The event was performance or acting based and was divided into two sets: mime and mono-acting. Mime is the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement. The participants formed a group of 5+1. The topic was ‘Poverty and Politics’. In mono-acting the participants need to give a solo performance on any topic of their choice. The event mainly focused on how well they presented a play with criteria such as creativity, expression, presentation and dress code.