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Name of the event: Dandiya

Club  : Outreach Club

Date and Time :   22nd October, 2023 ; 5PM onwards

Cultural coordinator  : Mrs. Kampa Belliappa

Student coordinator  : Haritha S (Head),  Keerthi J (Sub Head)

No. of Volunteers : 20

Event Description:

Inclusive dandiya was an event conducted on 22nd October, 2023. The event was a major success as all the volunteers from New Horizon College, Marathahalli, and other NGOs participated and also enjoyed it. The main events that were conducted near Rishikul Vidyapet in Hoskote, Bangalore, are given below:

Transportation:  Participants were transported near Rishikul Vidyapet, via buses at two designated locations, from Silk Board and another from KR Puram, starting at 3 PM and reaching the destination by 5 PM.

Preparation: Makeup artists assisted attendees in getting ready for the event, adding a festive touch to the occasion.

Volunteer Involvement:  Numerous volunteers from NGOs contributed to the success of the event, creating a collaborative and vibrant atmosphere.

Participation Fee:  Attendees were required to pay a nominal amount to contribute towards the event, supporting the cause.

Pooja Ceremony:  The event commenced with a traditional pooja ceremony, fostering a spiritual and celebratory ambiance.

Children’s Performances:  Kids from the ashram showcased their talent through captivating dance programs, captivating the audience.

DJ Dandiya Session:  The celebration continued with an energetic DJ playing dandiya songs, encouraging everyone to join in the spirited dance.

Snacks and Dandiya Sticks:  Participants were provided with snacks to refuel, along with dandiya sticks to enhance the joy of the dance.

Dinner:  The day concluded with a scrumptious dinner that left everyone satisfied and content.

Communal Transportation:  The return journey was shared, creating a sense of community as everyone headed back home together in the same buses.

Overall, the event was a delightful blend of tradition, entertainment, and philanthropy, leaving lasting memories for all attendees.