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Creative Writing

Name of the event : Creative Writing
Name of the Club : Literary Club
Date and Time : 08/02/2020 (12:30pm- 1:30pm)
Venue : Room no.A-204
Event head : Ardra Asok
Student Coordinator: Aishwarya M jith

Winners : 1st Place – Manoj Prabakar (II BBA B)
2nd Place -Allan Sebastian (II BCA A)
3rd Place – Rohan Kumar (Il BCA B)

Event Description:
Creative writing is a literary club event in which participants were allowed to showcase their talents in writing an original composition on the topic given to them. The minimum time limit was one hour and the topic given to them was “A Bus Ride”. The criteria for judging was choice of vocabulary, grammar and quality of language. In due consideration with the abovementioned criteria, the respected judge, Ms. Sunita from Life skills department selected the winners. There was a total of 39 participants in the event.