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Creative Painting

Name of the event: Creative Painting

Date and Time :   15/12/2022 , 1:30 PM

Venue :  Quadrangle

Event Head : Ms. Kampa belliappa

Student Coordinators :  Sanjitha N S , Geethanjali

Winners :  First Place: Sanjitha N S (5th BCA)

Second Place: Gayathri S (5th BCA)


The event Creative Painting is a single round event to figure out who among the 10 participants are the winners.  The Participants were given One and Half Hour to get their painting done. This was judged by M R.Swaroop After One and Half Hour the Participants were called to Seated in the Arrangement made in the Quadrangle and Participant’s are been called to Present Their Painting to our Judges And our judges analysed their Painting and Participants were given the Point’s On the Scale of  0 – 30 by judges and Two winners are been Announced.

This round was judged on the basis on the creativity and Overall Creativity In Painting, Clarity of Message Conveyed. Contestants were allowed to use any Sort of Paints, Chat papers at their convenience. We successfully completed the event with two winners.

This event was not only a competition but was a session to induce knowledge.

Student Co-ordinator –  Sanjitha N S , Geethanjali               

Faculty Co-ordinator  – Ms. Kampa belliappa