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Creative Enticelle

Name Of The Event : Creative Enticelle
Name of the Club : Creativity Club
Date and Time : 03-02-2020(Round 1), 04-02-2020(Round 2) ; 12:30 to 13:30
Venue : Quadrangle
Event Head : Aradhana
Student Co-Ordinator : Hridya Mohan

1st Place – S.Shruti( II BBA C’Sec)
2nd Place – Keerthana( IV BCA A’Sec)
3rd Place – Deeskshita.s( II BBA A’sec)

Event Description:
The event was all about students having to showcase their creativity in the field of art. The Judges for the event were Ms. Deepika from BBA Dept. and Mr. Ramesh from Life skills Dept. The event consisted of two rounds, first round being Painting and the second round was Best out of Waste. The best participants from the First round were filtered into the second round for Best out of Waste. 29 students participated in the first round and __ were selected for the second round. The participants who portrayed the best creativity were chosen as the winners of the event.