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Cooking without fire

Name of the event : Cooking without fire
Name of the Club : Outreach Club
Date and Time : 6/02/20 ; 12:-2:30pm
Venue : Quadrangle
Event head : Anish Singh
Student Coordinator: Nikitha Sridhar

Winners : First place – IV BBA B
Second place – VI BCOM P&G
Third place – IV BCOM B

Event Description:
Cooking without fire is outreach club event in which participants were allowed to showcase their talents in preparing variety of dishes, the catch is here the participants are required to prepare the dishes without the help of fire\flame. The objective of this particular event is to
save the limited resource which LPG. And without the help of flames preparing a dish that can make the judges lick their fingers is a task which the participants need to put their efforts for running in the race to win. The time limit for the participants was two hours. This event mainly tests their creativity , time sense as it is a time based task. In due consideration with the above criteria, the respected judges, Ms. Gnaneshwari and Mr. Devranjan selected the winners. Total of 109 students from 20 classes participated.