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Collective Altruistic and Reconstructive Engagements (CARE)

CARE is a virtual name given for the altruistic and reconstructive activities collectively shared and shouldered by the faculty and the students interspersed in NSS and within the various wings of the NHC-M Students’ Club. CARE engages and welcomes the loyal and zealous college students having strong desires to serve and help the affected and afflicted sections of our society. The efforts and the ventures the students have made in this field are remarkable. Although in its nascent stage, CARE has taken students to meet children in orphanages, spend time with cancer patients in cancer hospices and also indulges itself in other altruistic engagements from time to time like blood donation, contribution towards natural calamities in distant places and so on.

CARE has been successively helping build a unity amongst the various student club wings and other units of the college and has been thus nurturing the right sense of philanthropism amongst students sprouting out as dedicated citizens of tomorrow.