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Business Quiz

Name of the event : Business Quiz
Name of the Club : ED Cell
Date And Time : 3/2/20 ; 12:30pm To 3:00pm
Venue : A-103, A-104
Event Head : Anurag Basu Mallick
Student Coordinator : Ravi Choudhary M

1st Place: Yashika D and Tarun Narayan ( VI B.com. P&G)
2nd Place: Sachin Naik and Nitin Kumar (VI BBA B)
3rd Place: Pragathi C and Tharun Reddy (IV BCom. B)

Event Description:
Business Quiz is a knowledge-based, literary event where the participating teams need to invest their general knowledge, cognitive approach in order to answer the questions based on business field, succeeding which they get marks and the teams are adjudged with winning positions according to their marks. In due consideration with above mentioned criteria the winners were declared. The Quiz had three main rounds namely Prelims, Sharp minds (Tarang 2k20 special) and the Finale. Final round consisted of six categories- Visuals, Print Ads, Taglines, Logos, Personalities, and Connectors. There was a total of 98 participants. The event was judged by Mr. Lokesh, Professor MBA Dept. Student Coordinators Faculty Coordinator.