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BULL RUN –Mock Stock 2020

Name of The Event : BULL RUN –Mock Stock 2020
Name of The Club : ED Cell
Date and Time : 10/03/2020; 1:30 pm
Venue : Quadrangle, New Horizon College
Event Head : Anurag Basu Mallick

1st place: Bharath V & Akash N (II BBA A)
2nd place: Siddhant Basu & Smd. Zilan (IV BBA C)
3rd place: Hari Prasad M & Banu Teja (II BCOM A), M D Farhan & Manoj Prabhakar (II BBA B)

Event Description
BULL RUN, MOCK STOCK 2020 is a stock market education cum competition where participants from each class are paired as Trader & Financial advisor. There were 7 rounds where the market fluctuated based on the class news and events occuring in real life that affected the market price of each stock listed in the market.
The criteria of deciding winners was based on the net realized value on sale or purchase of the stocks i.e. Net profit/loss. There were 12 teams initially and by the 5th Round we had 6 finalist teams who competed for the winning positions. The event was inaugurated by the HOD of BCOM & BBA Ms. Prasanna Prakash and HOD BCA Dr. Nagraju Kilari, when they rang the opening bell.