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Date: 25th MAY 2023                         

Time: 11:00 AM 

Title of the Event: BREADTH OF THE VIEW

Venue: MBA Seminar Hall

Organized by: Photography Club

 NHSAC Head: Ms. Kampa Belliappa

Club Head: MR.ANOOP

Student Coordinator: Mr. Rakshith and Ms. Harshika


Photography, an enchanting blend of technical precision and artistic expression, serves as a captivating medium for capturing and preserving moments in time. Through the lens of a camera, photographers skillfully navigate the principles of composition, lighting, and exposure to transform ordinary scenes into powerful visual narratives. Evolving from the early days of film to the contemporary digital era, photography has become a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries, allowing individuals to share diverse perspectives and emotions. In a world where everyone carries a camera in their pocket, photography has not only become more accessible but has also fostered a global community of enthusiasts. As a dynamic art form, it continues to push creative boundaries, providing a unique lens through which we explore, document, and celebrate the beauty and complexity of our surroundings.