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Date: 4th August 2023 

Time: 11:40 AM

Title of the Event: BARBIE N HEIMER

Venue: Quadrangle, Shaheed Hemu Kalani Block

Organized by: Fashion Club

NHSAC Head: Ms. Kampa Belliappa

Club Head: Ms. Roopini J

Student Coordinator: Ms.Priyanka & Mr.Brijesh Jain


On 4th July 2023, the Fashion Club of New Horizon College organized an enchanting event called “Barbie and Oppenheimer” in the vibrant setting of the Quadrangle, Shahid Hemu Kalani Block. The event celebrated the contrasting themes of Barbie, representing elegance and glamour, and Oppenheimer, signifying intellect and innovation. It was a delightful amalgamation of fashion and creativity, where participants from various courses walked the ramp, showcasing their interpretations of these iconic themes.

The “Barbie and Oppenheimer” event was a visual treat for the attendees, with the entire Quadrangle adorned in shades of pink, reflecting the essence of

Barbie’s world. The ambiance was lively and exuberant, creating a perfect atmosphere for the fashionable extravaganza.

Fashion Club Performance:

The Fashion Club, being the heart of the event, presented a mesmerizing performance on the themes of Barbie and Oppenheimer. The participants of the club showcased their talent and dedication in a series of captivating walks, stunning the audience with their unique style and flair. Their performances added a touch of professionalism to the event, setting the bar high for the subsequent participants.

Participant Ramp Walk:

The ramp walk saw enthusiastic participation from students belonging to various courses at New Horizon College. Each participant creatively interpreted the Barbie and Oppenheimer themes, donning vibrant and eye-catching costumes. As they walked the ramp, they exuded confidence and elegance, captivating the audience’s attention with their impeccable fashion sense.

The event environment was meticulously curated with the dominant color being pink, synonymous with Barbie’s world. Approximately 250 students witnessed the “Barbie and Oppenheimer” event, and their response was overwhelmingly positive. The audience cheered for the participants, appreciating their efforts in portraying the themes with grace and charm.

“Barbie and Oppenheimer” was a resounding success, offering a delightful blend of fashion and creativity to the New Horizon College community. Overall, “Barbie and Oppenheimer” was an unforgettable experience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the participants, audience members, and organizers alike. It celebrated the essence of fashion, beauty, and intellect, and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most exciting events in the college’s calendar.