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Art of the Brain

Name of the event: ART OF THE BRAIN

Date and Time : 20/07/2023 , 11:00 PM

Venue :  Quadrangle

Event Head: Ms. Kampa Beliyappa

Faculty Head: Ms. Roopini J

Student Head :  Ms. Sanjitha N S

Sub Head :  Ms. Geethanjali S

Winner: First Place: Gloria Thilak (BBA), Second Place: Dhanush C (BCOM), Third Place: Akhil M Raj (BCA)


The event “Art of the Event” is an individual competition aimed at determining the winners among the participants. The participants were given one hour and thirty minutes to complete their drawings. This was judged by Ms. Suchitra.

After one hour and thirty minutes, the participants were called to be seated in the arrangement made in the quadrangle, and they were called upon to present their drawings to our judge. Our judge analyzed their drawings, and the participants were assigned points on a scale of 0 to 10 by the judge. Three winners were then announced.

This round was judged based on creativity, overall appearance, and clarity of the conveyed message. Contestants were allowed to use only the given word to draw at their convenience. We successfully completed the event with three winners. This event was not only a competition but also a session to impart knowledge.

Student Co-ordinator      –       Sanjitha N S , Geethanjali S

Faculty Co-ordinator      –       Ms.Roopini J