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Anti Ragging 2017 – Mar

The anti ragging act began at 2.00 pm in the main auditorium to create awareness on the dangers of ragging and was coordinated by Anti Ragging faculty coordinator Mr.Rajashri and student Co-ordinator Vignesh SS. A welcome note was given by Abhisekh sarkar. The act kick started with a poem of ragging and brief about current status of ragging in India. The Acts enacted by the students were based on two incidence that were once headlines. The first scence focused on the Bully and how it is effected the young students. Following that was about ragging in college which makes life hell for the juniors it also showcased how an ice breaker has turned into a social evil ad spreading at a fast pace. The final scene was about ragging in medical colleges which is most severe of all. Then a speech was delivered which pinpointed to the audience that rgging was real and was taking innocent lifes every year. It also highlighted the fact that all Anti Ragging Committees are a helping hand and not the complete solution for a problem. It also encouraged the students to fight against such incidence as their timely help could save someones life. The message of the act was not to be a mute spectator and to fight against such evil acts. The tagline was to raze and fuse ragging. The even concluded with vote of thank delivered by Abhisekh sarkar and Sandhya following that National Anthem was played.