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Alumni Meet 2019

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Date: 9th February, 2019
Time : 10am
Venue :Chanakya Seminar hall
Faculty Coordinator; Ms LincyJoykutty, Ms KampaBelliappa, Mr Rajes H
Event description:

Alumni Meet 2019 was conducted by New Horizon College, Marathalli on 9th February in the Chanakya Seminar hall. To begin the event, the customary lamp was lit to invoke the blessings of the Divinity. Theprincipal, Dr. R. Bodhisatvan addressed the gathering taking the students down memory lane. After the speech, the alumni president, Mr N Dwaraknath delivered the presidential address, in which he mentioned that he would like to incorporate methods to help students in their GMAT and IELTS exams. This was also supported by the Alumni committee’s vice president Mr SayandSajith, who mentioned that there must be in-house counselling provided to help students in their career choices.Dorothy J Dave,General Secretary presented the annual report. Some of the key features of the annual report were the self defense workshop, the yoga classes by Cult Fitness and the Almashines online portal developed for the alumni.The event also saw two dance performances and a musical performance by the students of New Horizon College to carry forth the legacy of excellence of the alumni. After this, the felicitation of the office bearers of the Alumni committee was held. The vote of thanks was given by Justin Nathaniel. A few alumni came upon stage to talk about their life after college. A special mention of Mr. Kishan S Reddy of the 2014 batch was made, since he made a generous donation to support the educational expenses of one of the students of the college. The alumni then went for their picture session in the quadrangle and headed for lunch.