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Name of the event: Aircrash
Club: Epiphany – Literary Club
Date and time: 16th August, 2018; 11:00am to 2:30pm
Venue: Room 202
Coordinators: Justin Nathaniel
Sub-Coordinator: Karthik Iyer
Participants: 23

1st Place: Hari Krishna (BBA C)
2nd Place: Gafira (BBA A) and Samiksha(BCOM C)
3rd Place: Ashutosh (BCOM A)

Event Description: Aircrash is an event where the participants are in an imaginary situation where they are in a plane which is about to crash, and they need to convincethe pilots/panel as to why they deserve the last parachute and not the others. This event shows the wit of the participants and how quick-thinking they can be when put in difficult situation. There were two rounds in the event. In the first round, the participants were given the names of famous celebrities whom they had to assume they were and convince the panel. The best 10 were chosen for round two and they were given the names of various supervillains who they had to act as. They were judged on the way they spoke and how well they were able to convince and answer to the questions of the panel.